Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Shades Smashed!

More in tonights edition if Spotter can find his typewriter

Apparently the Shades, long dear hole of ***** common ****. Damn that censor.

Anyway the common folks have been booted out (too damn right too) but have unfortunately been relocated to a ghetto located nearby. The council has promised locals more of it's strong prison grade fencing to keep the buggers inside this time.

I would report more but the weeping of the common folk awoke me at an ungodly hour this morning and I don't bloody want to. Heh, I got that one in ****ing ****** censors that ***** **** ** ****** ***. C***s!

Sod this I'm going to have my *** **** breakfast.

* **** ** ******, *** ***** *** ******! *** ***** *** * ** *** - *****.

1 comment:

Kirstylyn said...

Ok, you have confused me..?
Thats for all the traffic though, hurrah!