Friday, 28 March 2008

Nick Dorman we salute you

We at the every impressive Thanet Eye would like to salute Nick Dorman of the lesser but still good The People newspaper. His distortion of local facts to fit his story was masterful to the point of genius. Some have called what he has written lieing but we defended him pointing to the artistic truthiness of the article.

Nick Dorman is clearly a man who will never have to worry about censorship coming nowhere near the protected facts preferring the emotive truthiness of reporting. Truly he is a man worth watching.

Nick Dorman we salute you!


Anonymous said...

That's one way to put it.

PJS London said...

If the author of this piece purports in any way even to approach being even semi-professional in the field of journalism, I would expect him or her to know how to write, for example, "very impressive" instead of "every impressive"; "lying" instead of "lieing"; and "truthfulness" instead of "truthiness". A not very impressive piece of writing from someone who is clearly, at best, only partially literate and articulate.